Thursday, June 16, 2011


1.  Blogger STILL thinks I'm a spammer, so please, please, please, check your spam folder for comments from yours truly.  Even people that have already marked my comments as "not spam" are still having problems with my comments coming through.

2.  I thought my basal body thermometer was broken because my thermal shift was so darn slow after ovulation, but it wasn't.  Maybe a weird pattern this cycle means I'm preggo?

3.  I want a Macbook Pro and a new camera bag.  I have enough money in my photography account to buy one, but I'm trying to save that money for if we get pregnant soon so I can have a fabulous nursery as seen in some of my Nursery Inspiration posts here and here

4.  I've decided when and how to tell Husband and other family about a future pregnancy, but I'm not sure when to let the general world in on the secret- or when to take this blog to un-anonymous.  I'm thinking it will need to wait until I'm ready for my work to know- so maybe right before I go into labor?

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