Monday, June 6, 2011

The next step!

Today is Husband and I's five year anniversary of dating.  We don't really celebrate this date, other than saying "Happy Anniversary", but today is also pretty special for another reason.  After months of talking, and planning, and sharing all of my crazy thoughts and fears on the road to trying to conceive, we are officially trying.  Part of me is convinced that this process will take awhile, the other part of me is thinking I'll be getting a positive test in a few weeks.  Husband has said he hopes we get pregnant next month, I think he's liking the idea of an extra month of trying:)  While I'm perfectly fine with that, I'd also love to get pregnant our first month trying so we can move on to the next stage off all of this AND because if Baby Center's due date calculator is correct, our due date would be 5 years to the day of when we got engaged! 

Yes, that's right, we got engaged after only 9 months of dating.  What can I say?  When you know, you know.  Obviously whenever we get pregnant, and whenever our little one is due will be a special time for us, so like I said, I'm perfectly fine with whatever timeline God decides to give us.  But, if you have any extra time this week, send a prayer or two our way?

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