Monday, June 20, 2011

The Two Week Wait

Over on, there are groups called "I Hate the TWW", "The Dreaded TWW", etc.  And now I know why.  Two weeks seems like forever when you're waiting to test to see if you are pregnant. 

Every twinge makes me wonder, is that an early symptom?  I think I'm making things up in my head hoping for something that says, "Yep, you're pregnant," since it's too early for me to test.  Honestly, I don't think I really have any symptoms at all, which makes me think this is not our month. Actual conversation with Husband the other day:

Me: "Maybe I'm pregnant, my boobs have been hurting- but only if I poke them."
Husband: "Why on earth are you poking your boobs?"
Me: "Because I want to be pregnant, dangit."

I keep telling myself that not everyone has symptoms, and that I should stop wishing stuff on myself that I'll be wishing away later.  For example, nausea.  Right now I'd probably be excited if I was feeling sick to my stomach.  If I'm actually pregnant, I'm hoping morning sickness will skip right on by my house.

Did any of you not have any symptoms, but still end up pregnant?  Also, how early did you start testing?


  1. I so remember that hard waiting period. It is impossible, but try not to stress! We didn't let ourselves test until I had truly missed a day of my scheduled period, and it was so hard to wait. But I didn't want to take a test too early, get a negative reading, and then wonder for a week or so if MAYBE I'd just taken it too early and was actually PG...make sense? Anyway, hang in there. This is such an exciting time, and I know it can become all-consuming.

  2. Thanks Erin! I know I should wait to test, and that I should not be stressing out- it is after all, only our first month trying. But I'm pretty sure I'll be testing at 10 DPO, then if it's negative, I'll wait until I actually miss my period. Want it to be here and be positive nOW!

  3. I waited til 14dpo and got a BFP this go 'round! I'm sending good thoughts your way... for me, days 10-14 draaaaaaaaagged on and on. Stay busy!! :-)

  4. Try not to pin all your hopes on this month...i would also advise waiting at least until you're due - otherwise TTC can take over your life - trust me! Do keep busy with other things. Also, you'll save a fortune in pregnancy tests!! x

  5. For me, I figured it out based on missing period symptoms (bloat, acne, etc) and new things (sense of smell through the roof, intense need for a cheeseburger.) I was exactly 1 day late, took a test at 5pm and it turned positive immediately!