Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Bucket list update

Well, no big news on the baby front.  Still too early to tell if we got lucky this month.

Actually, Husband got lucky a lot this month haha.

In other news, we acre crossing things off on our Baby Bucket list!  While I don't know that #1 will ever be crossed off, we did take our trip to DC, which was a blast!  I will do a post about our trip once I can share pictures without blowing this whole anonymous blog out of the water.

Paying off our vehicle was #2- DONE and #4 was done before I even put up our list!  Researching and purchasing life insurance was #7- we've researched, but will not actually purchase until we are actually pregnant.  I purchased a new camera, which has video capabilities, so #8 is DONE as well! Fixing up the house/yard (#9) is also a constant work in progress, but we are a lot further on that sucker than we were a few months ago.  Again, I don't feel like I can share pictures without giving everything away, I will be sure to do so once our baby plans are public knowledge!

This leaves #3, #5, #6, and another ongoing- #10.  I have been taking prenatals regularly, but I have not been working out, and I've only moderately cut back on sushi (I'm dreading giving it up while preggo so I've been justifying it on a regular basis).  I did almost completely cut out coffee, but I snuck a cup this morning.  Husband was up late last night working on our house and mentioned that he was craving coffee this morning, so I decided to be a good wife and make a pot.  I just couldn't resist the deliciousness.  #5 and #6 feel like moving targets and #10 is a lot like 1- we'll never have enough couple time.

I'm actually surprised at how much we've accomplished in just a few short months.  Deadlines have always been a good motivator for Husband and I.  What motivates your family?

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