Friday, July 22, 2011

When I'm not dreaming about a baby

I'm dreaming about a dream house!  Now, when Husband graduates we'll have a mountain of student loans to pay off, but I love accumulating house ideas for someday.  Pinterest has just fed my obsession:)

Cozy and beautiful-I love window seats.
Source: None via SushiMama on Pinterest

Sooo much prettier than the tubs we keep the dog food in now.
Source: via SushiMama on Pinterest

LOVE the color, and love the whole secret room concept!

Completely brilliant- maybe I'd actually iron if I had this...

Source: via SushiMama on Pinterest

Swoon.  Drool.  Repeat.

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  1. I love that stairway! I want to grab a book and curl up on the cushioned bench!!