Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beta results!

Well, I had my first appointment yesterday and it went really well!  The nurse spent quite awhile with me, going over my history and basically just reassuring me that what happened last time doesn't mean that it will happen again.  She said the cramping is normal, but she understands that I'll be nervous.  She scheduled my next appointment (and first ultrasound!) for September 19.  I'll be one day shy of 7 weeks, so we should get to see the heartbeat if everything goes well.

The results from my blood draw were progesterone at 22, which she said anything above 15 is good, and HCG was 207.  She had told me she expected my HCG to be anywhere from 100-1,000, so when she called with the results today she said that this is totally normal, but since it's not near 1,000, if I wanted to come in for another blood draw tomorrow it would be fine to see if my levels are increasing, for my own peace of mind. 

A chance to know everything is fine for another day?  Yes, please.  Plus, the suckers at the lab are delicious! 

I'm trying to let go of the fear and just enjoy it, and I think I'm getting closer to that.  I stopped taking my temperature this morning, but I'll probably keep POAS for awhile yet.  I'm addicted.  And it's fun to see two pink lines.


  1. YAY! So glad your numbers look good. Yes, I would jump at the chance to check everything again and make sure things are progressing as they should. That is great great news!

    Glad you stopped with the thermometer :)

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you! Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest :)

  2. Great to hear that it's all good news so far!