Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The one where I complain... a lot

So freakin' tired.  I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to wait up for Husband to get home from working on a project last night, but let me tell you, I am exhausted.  I would treat myself to a big cup o coffee, but I promised to give it up while we're TTC because caffeine and artificial sweeteners aren't great for the baby-makin'.  I am dragging.

In other news, we got our student loan disbursement for the fall yesterday- over $4,000 less than our summer disbursement.  Yup, that sucked.  Thankfully we had paid our Tahoe off, and gotten a massive amount of repairs done to it, but things are going to be tight his fall.  Repairs on my car will be put on hold, and the plans we had for our anniversary this year will need to be modified greatly if not completely wiped.  The ER visit for the miscarriage cost us our entire deductible plus some, which was obviously an unplanned expense, so that was a bit of a financial blow as well, and we're heading into a busy fall.  Family events out of state and travel for holidays add up. 

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, and we're not destitute by any means but I get a bit tired of people saying "Ohhh getting so and so through law/medical/pharmacy school was tough, but we made it," without ever elaborating.  It feels like they just gloss over the hard stuff and people on the outside just see the dollar signs at the end of the road and think you're set for life.  They don't see the years of late nights, stress over finances, and stress in general that go along with these programs. 

Yes, we're trying for a baby, and yes, babies cost money, but we're also hoping for a due date of late spring/ early summer, and spring semester should be a lot better financially an stress-wise.

Again, sorry to be such a downer, but that's what's going on in our lives right now!


  1. It's understandable! Sometimes life just plain sucks and eventually something gets better.
    I am sure one cup is fine - I am a coffee-a-holic!

  2. Oh girl...without going into all the gruesome details, I feel your pain. We just got the estimate of the full amount of debt we'll have when Jonathan graduates and it has really brought a reality check of what life will be like after this May. Even once the degree is in hand we'll still be living tight just to pay for it! But it's worth it, and I know someday we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. But this year will be TIGHT as we prepare to be out of the cushion of student loans after May.

    And as for the decision to start a family while in these circumstances, there will never be a perfect time financially. There are always ways to make it work, and starting your family will always be worth it! Better to live simply and enjoy the extravagant blessings of children than to live extravagantly and miss out on one of the best things in life (in my personal opinion! :) (Or just wait so long for the "perfect" situation that you miss your window!)

  3. I feel ya, and it is okay to vent sometimes! Lord knows I do. ;)