Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm really hoping I'm pregnant

Because it would explain my crazy mood swings.  Granted I wouldn't be far enough along for it to be an excuse, but man, my emotions have been allll over the place.  We headed out of town for the weekend, to celebrate my niece's birthday and it was wonderful to spend time with family.  I adore all three of my nieces, and while I loved being around them, my heart was just a little bit sad that we're not three months into our first pregnancy, on our way to becoming parents ourselves.  I guess we're just supposed to soak up their sweetness a little longer.

As an update from my last post, I think we're going to end up taking out a small grad-plus loan for this semester.  We had hoped to avoid this, but in the grand scheme of things, adding another drop in the (large) bucket of student loans is something we need to do right now.  Without doing so, things would not just be tight this fall, there would be bills that would go unpaid.  We have no idea what the Spring disbursement will look like, but we don't think we'll need to take any additional out then since Husband will start working AND we get a large tax refund.  This is just a season, this is just a season, this is just a season.


  1. I was just going to write, this is just a has become my mantra. ;) You can do it!!