Tuesday, March 27, 2012

34 Weeks!

How big is the baby this week: Emersyn is the size of a durian! Just FYI, she's been measuring bigger than all of these for awhile now. She was measuring 4 lbs 10 oz (this week's weight) two weeks ago.

Due Date:
May 8, 2012, but I'm hoping she comes a little early:)

Weight Gain: Nothing this week. Running total: 20 lbs!

Symptoms: Big belly, aching ribs and back, charlie horses at 2am, frequent trips to the ladies room.

Milk. Brownies, ice cream, cake, but I'm careful to only indulge after eating something healthy. This sometimes means I make very quick meals for dinner so I can get to the good stuff.

Aversions: Nadda.

Could best be described as not very restful. Between the trips to the bathroom and waking up in PAIN every morning, it's just not great. I even find myself getting out of bed earlier than I normally would because there is no point in trying to fall back asleep when it hurts so much to even breathe. I still switch up my positions at night, but it's just not helping at this point.

I am loving: Warm showers and heating pads (not too hot)- seems to help my backaches.

I miss: Not having back pain, being able to shave my legs without contorting myself into odd positions.

I am looking forward to: Dr appointment tomorrow- I always love seeing her in our ultrasound and finding out how much she's grown!

I'm spazzing about: All the photography projects I need to finish in the next couple of weeks.

Best thing about this week: I switched chairs with a girl at my work and the one I'm in now has better lumbar support and leans back more, so my ribs don't take such a beating during the day.

Milestones: Emersyn definitely seems to respond to both Blake and I's voices, so we find ourselves talking to her more these days (it just felt weird before).

Movement: I've actually gotten a couple of pretty good videos of her moving, I need to upload them. Blake talked to my belly last night before bed to tell E to calm down in there so I could get some sleep and she kicked in response. A sign of things to come?

It's a...: Girl!!! Emersyn Grace:)


  1. Isn't it cool when you can start to watch her roll around in there and get it on video!? Crazy!

  2. You are getting SO close!! Um, am I the only person who doesn't know what a durian is? And I'm with you: Quick dinner meals so I can get to the good stuff - dessert ; ) Makes me think this could just be a girl I'm carrying!

  3. Nope, I have not a clue what a durian is, but judging from the size of her rolls and punches it must big a BIG fruit haha!