Monday, March 12, 2012

Packing my bags

I've gathered suggestions from lots of other people about what to take to the hospital when we deliver, and pretty much, if anyone suggested it, I'm packing it. I realize this may mean I end up with WAY more stuff than I need, but I'd rather know I have it than wish I had packed something.

I've heard it's also a good idea to pack two bags- one for labor, and one for postpartum, and leave your postpartum bag in the car until you move into that room. Honestly, I haven't decided if I'll do that or just want everything with us. I have things labeled as labor and postpartum, but may wait until I actually start packing to make that decision.

I wanted to share my list for anyone wondering about what to pack, but also to ask you all if I've missed anything, since this is a new experience for me:)

Lori's List for Hospital
Carseat- installed in Tahoe

Laptop/ charger- labor
Camera (d7000), lenses (35mm, 24-70), flash-postpartum
Phone/ charger- labor
Point and shoot camera- labor
Tennis ball- for counter pressure on back- labor
Pillow and pillowcase- labor
Notebook and pen- labor
Photo id and insurance card- labor
Birth plan- labor

Boppy- postpartum
Pump- postpartum
Snacks- labor
Money for vending machine- labor
Soft toilet paper- postpartum
Laundry bag- postpartum


Comfy pants- purple maternity jammies- postpartum
Nursing tank- black one from Kristina- postpartum
Nursing nightgown- postpartum
Black Robe- postpartum
Going home outfit for me- maxi dress and cardi with flats- postpartum
Cheap undies- postpartum
Nursing bra- black- labor
Slipper socks with grips on bottom- labor
Flip flops for shower- postpartum
Bikini top- labor


Chapstick- labor
Makeup- postpartum
Facewash pads- postpartum
Deodorant- postpartum
Razor- postpartum
Chi- postpartum
Pads- postpartum
Toothbrush- postpartum
Toothpaste- postpartum
Brush- postpartum
Baby powder (if I don't want to wash my hair)- postpartum
Hair ties- labor
Nursing pads- labor
Lanolin cream- postpartum

For Blake
Swim trunks- if he gets in shower with me during labor
Change of clothes (2)
House shoes

Diaper bag- postpartum
Couple of diapers
Swaddle blanket
Hand sanitizer
Folder for documents
Outfit for going home (one in newborn, one in 0-3)

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  1. You are ready to go! Great list. The swim trunks for Blake is a good call. Russell needed them for helping me shower after baby, and I was so glad he had them.