Monday, March 19, 2012

Over the weekend

Do you ever have those weekends when you feel like you do a lot of work, but don't really accomplish THAT much? That's kind of how I felt about this weekend. It's actually not necessarily a bad thing- it was hubby's bday weekend, and I wanted to make sure to celebrate that more than I wanted to get a lot of stuff done, but we've got a lot to fit in before E's arrival and our months of craziness. Plus, I'm not getting any more comfortable, so even some of the things I had planned on waiting on I now want to move up so I'm not completely miserable with a huge to-do list looming. Plus, there's always the possibility she will arrive early (which would be great!) and I don't want to not have things done then either.

My to do list involves completing a bunch of photography projects, finishing up things for E, and doing my part to make our house more attractive on the market. I made myself a list this morning of all the stuff I need to do and then I want to assign a timeline to it so I can keep on track- I work better under deadlines. I think I need a list to combat my feelings of "I just want to relax on the couch tonight".

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