Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogger hates me...

Well, I figured out the problem with my comments.  Blogger thinks I'm a spammer, and is putting all of my comments in the spam folder.  So, please, if you've gotten an email for a comment from me, check your spam folder to check and make sure it's not in there.

I'm not sure what to do- I've posted in the Blogger help forums, and been told it's not a problem with my account, that I should contact the individual blog owners to see why my comments aren't being appropriately recieved.  But out of the few I've contacted, NONE of them moderate, and NONE of them have marked me as spam, so it is clearly Blogger doing it, and I have no idea how to get it fixed.

I understand that I comment a lot on a lot of different blogs- but I do this because I LIKE a lot of different blogs, and I know that I love getting comments, so I try to return the favor.  I feel like Blogger is punishing me for being an active and engaged blog reader.  I can post just fine, but I can't participate in any discussions.  Grrrr.

Any ideas?


  1. That sucks. I never check my spam comments, but I just did. Even though my notifications didn't show that there were any spam comments, I clicked on the folder and there you were! It was a comment from awhile back too!

    Blogger has been really screwy with the comments lately. I switched to a different comment hosting system because I was tired of Blogger stealing my comments.

  2. nice post. thanks.