Monday, May 2, 2011

Good News!

First of all, I want to celebrate that the heroic efforts of our armed forces were successful in bringing down Osama bin Laden. I am a proud daughter of a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and I know the sacrifices our military and their families have endured to bring this about. I thank them for this victory.

Second, though not nearly as important, but still a big deal to me, I think I've figured out my cycle! Possible TMI ahead, so stop reading if that makes you uncomfortable (and probably avoid me in real life as I tend to overshare).

Now this may all be a fluke since it was my first month off the pill, but I had a definite thermal shift on day 14, so my ovulation date would be day 13. I also got a visit from AF this morning meaning that I have a 25 day cycle (since today would be day 1 of this cycle). The only thing throwing me off is that I started using those fun little OPK sticks on day 12, since I had some severe pain going on that evening. I tested that night, twice the next day (which should have been ovulation day) and the day after that. All negative. So either my chart is wrong or those little sticks aren't accurate. Or maybe I missed my "surge". I'm going to start testing right after I finish my period this time to see if I get a postive (for ovulation) this month.

Now, if my chart is accurate and it's not a fluke, we will officially start trying in June! We had talked about starting as early as May, but right now that I would possibly conceive before or during our trip to DC, and be around 6 weeks when I photograph a wedding in June. We really want one last "just us" trip, we plan to partake in a wine tasting while there, and I have no desire to be throwing up when I'm supposed to be photographing a wedding ceremony.

The extra good news is that with a shorter cycle, we'll have more chances to try before we get to the end of our "preferred" zone for conception. Yes, we understand it is all up to God, and yes, we will welcome a child whenever He give us the blessing, but there are some work related reasons we aren't crazy about a July or August due date. If we're not preggo in our "zone" we may stop trying for a few months to get us past those dates.


  1. I found that checking mucus was the easiest way because the sticks never seemed to be accurate! Good luck!!

  2. Glad things are coming together for you guys! Exciting! :)