Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm bA-ack...

Did you miss me? 

I missed you all- in fact, I spent the majority of my car ride home from the airport on Google Reader, trying to catch up on all I missed!  We had a fabulous time in DC, saw tons of stuff, got to hang out with our friends, and eat lots of yummy food!  Now, it's back to the grindstone- I've got work, photography, and a house to keep up with, and oh yeah, we'll be attempting to make a baby in just a few weeks!

I guess you could techinically even say we've entered the "trying" phase, but since I know the opportunity has passed for this month I don't really think of it as trying yet.  Plus, Husband is enjoying the rest of his little vacay from school until rotations start by spending time with family out of state, so there's really no trying or not trying going on haha!

Of course this hasn't stopped me from dreaming about a baby, or trying out names, or thinking about nursery decor:)

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