Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger issues

Shortly before Blogger went down yesterday, I figured out that I'm having issues with my comments appearing on some of the blogs I follow. I found out none of my comments appeared on the blog of a friend of a friend and just figured that maybe that person didn't approve comments from people they didn't know, but I had it happen to me on another blog yesterday and I contacted the blogger. She told me she had gotten the comment emailed to her, but had no idea why it didn't show up on the page.

I checked another few blogs I knew I had left comments on and it was a mixed bag- some had my comments show up, others, they were nowhere to be found.

Now if for any reason, a blogger did delete my comments, I fully believe that everyone has the right to manage comments left on their blog and delete them for any reason. But if you didn't mean to not have my comments show up, I didn't want you to think I deleted them, or that I'm a bad bloggie friend because I don't comment!

I reported the issue in google forum and I'll update when I know more...

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