Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh to have a crystall ball...

This blog is reposted from yesterday because Blogger has been all kinds of messed up.

I would love to know when/ where Husband will be employed next year when he graduates Pharmacy school and I would love to know if/ when we will get pregnant.

I've been keeping a secret (no I'm not pregnant). It's the reason we have an ideal window, and why this blog is anonymous. Here goes: when Husband graduates, we are not limiting ourselves to jobs in the state where we currently reside. If he gets a job in another state, we will be moving, selling our house, and I will not return to work after a baby is born.

However, depending on if/when we get pregnant, we may not know where Husband will be employed before I go on maternity leave. This means the status of my job would be pretty up in the air. My job, which is currently our only source of income, which provides our health insurance, and which I'm pretty sure will ask me if I plan to return to work the moment I announce I'm pregnant.

I have quite a bit of vacation and personal leave saved up, and plan to use FMLA, but I've run into some questions about what will happen to my benefits if I decide not to return to work. Problem-there's no one to ask without giving away the fact that I may not return. I know that FMLA is really more about protecting your job to allow you to return, but at my job, you also have health benefits the whole time you're on FMLA. I've read some stories of people not returning to work after FMLA and their job then lists their last date worked as their last date of employement, which means they didn't have insurance converage when they delivered.

Ummm, no thank you. Must have insurance while a baby exits my nether regions.

To combat this, I've ready about people returning to work after FMLA, giving their two week notice the day they come back, etc. I have no desire to do this, but I'm scared of the limbo we'll be facing with Husband's job situation.

Plus, what if I do end up coming back? I'm a pretty honest person, and I don't want to leave my employers in a lurch, so my instict is to be 100% honest about the possibility of me not returning to work. However, I don't want to not have a job to come back to if I decide to return.

Blahhhh. This is not good for my plan happy self.

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